Pavandeep Singh
Emergency Room and Radiology Quality Improvement

SchoolValley Forge High School


MentorMindy Bolger, RT, Heather Parsons, RT

DepartmentRadiology at Medina Hospital

Emergency Room and Radiology Quality Improvement
If everything runs smoothly, then one would expect the turnaround time from when a physician orders an exam on an emergency room patient to when the exam report is printed in the Emergency Room to be one hour.
Round with the radiology technologist who has the emergency room pager and when it goes off, record the time that the physician ordered the exam, order was placed by the unit clerk, imaging contrast was given to the patient (if applicable), technologist picked up the exam, exam was completed, and the report was printed in the Emergency Room.
There were a total of 22 delays out of the 46 patients followed. The most common cause of delay was that other departments would be working on the radiology technologists’ patient when they needed to do an exam. The average turnaround time for getting the exam report to the emergency department was found to be 1 hour and 15 minutes.