Monica Dent
Increasing the Compliance of the Hypoglycemia Protocol

SchoolMC2 STEM High School


MentorChrysa Kirsch, BSN, CDE, Andrea Cain, BSN

DepartmentLennon Diabetes Center at Huron Hospital

Increasing the Compliance of the Hypoglycemia Protocol
Advocating Diabetes Education will increase the compliance of the Hypoglycemia Protocol. Implementing posters, huddles, and then rotating the different approaches, will encourage discussions with other nurses about what it means to be compliant with the protocol. Nurses will be able to apply their newfound skills with other nurses, and educate their fellow staff members.
Create posters and post them at specific areas, form huddles, and then rotate the different approaches. Surveys will also be given out to test the level of knowledge of nurses about the Hypoglycemia Protocol.
It has been proven that with Diabetes Education, posted reminders, and discussion groups, there is an increase in compliance of the Hypoglycemia Protocol around the hospital. The nursing staff at Huron Hospital should improve on treating the patients’ timely and noting the episode in EPIC.