Matthew Lewis
The Efficacy of Pulse Oximeter Night Desaturation Studies

SchoolStrongsville High School


MentorJoseph Huff

DepartmentRespiratory Therapy at Marymount Hospital

The Efficacy of Pulse Oximeter Night Desaturation Studies
If pulse oximetry measures oxygen saturation, and the pulse oximetry tests on sixty-six patients are studied over the course of a year under various modes of therapy, then the majority of patients will desaturate on room air, validating the uncertain usage of the pulse oximeter.
The pulse oximeter studies on patients over the last year were studied to determine the number of patients that desaturated. Correlations between quantity and length of durations to BMI, heart rate, and vital capacity were tested and discovered. The continued use of the pulse oximeter as a widespread means to diagnose disease was addressed with this study.
Two-thirds of the patients studied desaturated, with a large portion of these ordered a sleep study and/or supplemental oxygen. Over thirty patient lives were benefited from the early diagnosis of diseases carried out initially via pulse oximetry. Patients who match the determined relationships derived from this study should be made a priority for testing.