Laura Traimer
Effect of 7-Day Patient Follow-Up on Readmission Rates of Persons with Heart Failure

SchoolBeachwood High School


MentorMichele Cici, RN

DepartmentChronic Care Services at Hillcrest Hospital

Traimer, Laura
Outpatient follow-up within 7 days for patients with heart failure will reduce 30-day readmission rates.
Retrospective chart review was conducted to retrieve data on patients discharged from Hillcrest Hospital between January 1 and May 31, 2010, with a diagnosis of CHF (N = 212). A flowchart for chronic care data was used to create a file containing data. The data file was supplemented with additional data manually retrieved from the patients’ electronic medical record (EPIC). If the information was not in EPIC, physicians were contacted for the information.
The discharge of patients with 7-day follow-up was not shown to be statistically or significantly different from the national average. Being discharged home and having a follow-up within 7 days significantly reduced 30-day readmissions.