Feylkemi Osundina
Medication Reconciliation: Opportunities/Challenges

SchoolNorth Ridgeville High School


MentorMichael Hoying, RPh, MS

DepartmentPharmacy at Fairview Hospital

Medication Reconciliation: Opportunities/Challenges
If Medication Reconciliation (Med Rec) forms are closely evaluated or even initially completed by pharmacy staff, then medication errors will be reduced due to the ability of pharmacists to make corrections.
One hundred Med Rec forms were collected from the Fairview Hospital Pyxis Connect database and all errors were categorized and quantified. Med Rec was then closely evaluated for 25 patients who were individually interviewed on their past and current home medications and all possible corrections were made by pharmacy.
Results showed that 85% of the 100 patients had some sort of error on their Med Rec form and that after a nurse or physician led Med Rec 92% of the 235 orders checked yes from the second group of 25 patients had errors. After all possible corrections were made by pharmacy, a total of only 71 errors remained. Results show that Medication Reconciliation should be completed with individual patient interviews in order to achieve the most accurate and complete medication history.