Brittney Mattson
New Mothers’ Perceptions of Safe Sleep

SchoolRichmond Heights Secondary School


MentorKathleen Dubovec, MSN, CNP

DepartmentFamily Maternity Center at Huron Hospital

New Mothers’ Perceptions of Safe Sleep
SIDS is the number one cause of death in post-neonatal infants. Infants who have died of SIDS are more likely to have been placed in an unsafe position. In 1992, the American Academy of Pediatrics started the “Back to Sleep” campaign to provide recommendations for safe sleeping positions and environments for babies. This study hypothesizes that surveys completed by post-partum new mothers will indicate a significant number of mothers are unaware of recommendations to place your baby on their back to sleep and are currently putting their baby to sleep in an unsafe position or place.
Post-partum newly delivered mothers were asked to complete a survey assessing their knowledge of proper sleeping positions for their baby and the level of instructions they were given by pre-natal educators at the hospital.
Of the new mothers surveyed, 32 of 33 stated they would put their baby to sleep on the baby’s back. Age, education level, marital status, race, information sources used, and other characteristics were looked at to see if demographics and information sources played a role in choosing the infants sleep position. Differences were not proven to be significant. The mothers appeared to have been adequately educated by pre-natal educators at the hospital and were already aware of how and why to put their baby to sleep on its back.