Brian Capuder
Motion Analysis of Stroke Rehabilitation

SchoolStrongsville High School


MentorKathleen Szirony, PT

DepartmentPhysical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Motion Analysis of Stroke Rehabilitation
If repetition and task specificity are both vital for stroke rehabilitation, and video game rehab can provide additional repetitions for the upper extremity (UE), to supplement occupational therapy, then patients will see increased function in their upper extremity as a result of this additional activity.
Subjects were examined in three outpatient programs and six in a stroke exercise class with five different tests to examine quality of life, upper extremity function, task specific upper extremity function, upper extremity sensation, and balance. Games were selected based on collaborative goals between patients and therapists for a variety of impairments, interests, and movements. Games were mainly from Wii Resorts and Wii Sports as well as the PlayStation2 Eye Toy and Rock Band.
Results are significant for the Wolf Motor Test (task specific), Stroke Impact Scale (quality of life), and sensory parts of the Fugl-Meyer (sensory of the UE). More people need to be enrolled in the study to ensure validity of outcomes. Further steps include motion analysis to record quality of movements as patients perform tasks.