The Summer Internship Program

is an intensive, nine-week, paid internship that allows high school students the opportunity to work and learn alongside nationally renowned healthcare professionals in a wide variety of fields. Research conducted by the summer interns has inspired eXpressions™ students regionally and nationally to learn about science and to explore their passions for art, language, and math from a whole new perspective.

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Khin-Kyemon AungKhin-Kyemon Aung

Music Therapy in Preterm Neonates

Natalie BalfeNatalie Balfe

Firefighters' Health Study: An Evaluation of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Risk Factors

Otis Arnold IIOtis Arnold II

Lipid Levels for TIA Patients Are Not as Tightly Controlled as Stroke Patients

Allyson BarleyAllyson Barley

The Social and Emotional Impact of Congenital Hand Diffrences on the Family

Kalee  BilinovicKalee Bilinovic

Analysis of Cardiac Arrest Patients: Pre-Therapeutic Hypothermia

Ravi Teja BodepudiRavi Teja Bodepudi

Postanesthetic Complications in 68 Pediatric Patients with Mitochondrial Cytopathy — A Retrospective Review

Brian CapuderBrian Capuder

Motion Analysis of Stroke Rehabilitation

Lisa ChiuLisa Chiu

Early Onset of Kangaroo Care (KC) and Increasing Exclusivity of Breastfeeding at Discharge

Alison DaileyAlison Dailey

Why Do Drugs Cost So Much? A Study of the Implications on Patients, Providers, and Payers

Natalie DavidNatalie David

An Investigation into the Feasibility of Developing Lookup Tables for Electron Cutout Factors

Victoria DellaDonaVictoria DellaDona

A Retrospective Case Study of Asthma Control on Patients with Suboptimal Asthma

Samantha DeMarshSamantha DeMarsh

A Survey of Attitudes of Young Women with Eating Disorders Toward Different Methods of Birth Control

Harjoat SinghHarjoat Singh

A Survey of Attitudes of Young Women with Eating Disorders Toward Different Methods of Birth Control

Monica DentMonica Dent

Increasing the Compliance of the Hypoglycemia Protocol

William FullingtonWilliam Fullington

Coordinated Motion of the Thumb and Index Finger Due to the Passive Movement of the Wrist

Ariel FurlowAriel Furlow

The Spirituality Aspect of Healthcare: A Correlation Between Science and the Believer

Charles HayesCharles Hayes

Quiet at Night

Sarah HillSarah Hill

Measuring the Workload of Primary Care Doctors

Daniel JaniniDaniel Janini

Neurophysiological Mechanisms of Strength Gain: Revealed using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Kyle KvasnickaKyle Kvasnicka

Habitual Physical Activity Levels in Older Obese Individuals Are Associated with Improvements in Health-Related Physiological Parameters

Matthew LewisMatthew Lewis

The Efficacy of Pulse Oximeter Night Desaturation Studies

Jason LingerJason Linger

Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3ß (GSK-3ß) in Human Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM)

Brittney MattsonBrittney Mattson

New Mothers’ Perceptions of Safe Sleep

Alexander O'DellAlexander O'Dell

Analysis of Cerebrospinal Fluid in Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus (NPH): Evidence for Circadian Variation

Feyikemi OsundinaFeyikemi Osundina

Medication Reconciliation: Opportunities/Challenges

Leat PerezLeat Perez

Killer-immunoglobulin-like Receptor Genes Polymorphism & BKV Infection in Post-Transplant Kidney & Kidney/Pancreas Recipients

Jennifer PerparJennifer Perpar

Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3ß (GSK-3ß) in Human Heart Failure

Amy PritchardAmy Pritchard

Psychiatric Co-Morbidities and Quality of Life in Patients with Epilepsy

Abhinay RamachandranAbhinay Ramachandran

Lesion Mapping, Dosimetry Calculation, and Treatment Implications in Hepatic Y-90 Microsphere Radioembolization

Sara SchirripaSara Schirripa

Identifying the Prevalence of Depression in Diabetic Patients and Their Ability to Self-Manage Their Diabetes

Pavandeep SinghPavandeep Singh

Emergency Room and Radiology Quality Improvement

Sara SzutkowskiSara Szutkowski

Feasibility of Electronic Sensor-Based Tracking in the Monitoring of Healthcare Worker Handwashing Compliance

Laura TaraboantaLaura Taraboanta

Analyzing the Effects of Disparities on African-American Males Based on the Evaluation of the Minority Men’s Health Center 2010 Health Fair Surveys

Emerson ThackerEmerson Thacker

Neuropathic Pain Study After Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Laura TraimerLaura Traimer

Effect of 7-Day Patient Follow-Up on Readmission Rates of Persons with Heart Failure