eXpressions™ Math

utilizes project-based, peer-to-peer learning to engage high school students in an interdisciplinary exploration of mathematics, science, art, and literature. Program participants select a scientific research project and both an artistic and literary interpretation of this project, all of which have been produced by fellow high school students through other Cleveland Clinic initiatives. After examining these three bodies of work, the program participant's challenge is to tie them all together by demonstrating how mathematics plays a key role in each.

Tied to state and national academic standards, this innovative program gives participants a deeper, real-world understanding of these four disciplines while promoting creativity, communication, critical thinking, and teamwork. Plus, it gives high school students and their teachers the opportunity to earn undergraduate and graduate credit, respectively, from Northeast Ohio universities.


Kalee Bilinovic, Bridget Burke, Robert MorelKalee Bilinovic, Bridget Burke, Robert Morel

Linking Mother, Child, and Music