Andrew McGraw-Herdeg
Honorable Mention

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolOrange High School

CityPepper Pike, Ohio

TeacherKathy Fraizer, Barbara Greenberg

InternAlison Dailey


This tragic, touching eulogy explores the sequence of events that can follow when the cost of pharmaceuticals becomes too much for an unfortunate soul to bear. In this case, I believe that Torbacho represents the downtrodden proletariat who sadly don't have access in many parts of the country to the level of healthcare administered to the wealthy. Medications are a generally accepted part of everyday American life - for most, their only experiences with pharmaceuticals are limited to common drugs like painkillers and heartburn. However, people with the problems of our Torbacho are facing a very real issue that deserves more media coverage - the cost of serious, vital drugs.