Adam Packer
White Ribbon

AwardWhite Ribbon

SchoolKirtland High School

CityKirtland, Ohio

TeacherVickie Mitchell

InternAlison Dailey

GenreIllustrated Haiku

My haiku is based on the research project, Why Do Drugs Cost So Much? A Study of the Implications on Patients, Providers, and Payers, conducted by Alison Dailey. This project is about the soaring costs of prescribed drugs, and how the high prices can be a burden on families. The reason they are so expensive is that many hours of research go into these drugs, to make sure they are safe. One statistic in the project stated that today 90% of seniors and 58% of non-elderly adults rely on prescription drugs. The first line of my haiku states that drugs are, in fact, expensive. The next line goes on to say that many people are poor and can't afford the drugs they need. And finally, the third line relays my feelings, which are shared by many people, that this is unfair.