Zachary Mutch
Honorable Mention

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolNorth Ridgeville High School

CityNorth Ridgeville, Ohio

TeacherGeorgann Blair

InternFeyikemi Osundina


The Med Rec form, or Medication Reconciliation form, is used in hospitals by nurses to help the pharmacists collect the correct information about the patient. If patient information isn't correctly collected, then there can be many outcomes, one of them being death because medicines that might be mixed up with each other can harm the patient. What took place in a laboratory was in certain scenarios missed by doctors or nurses, or certain medications were forgotten, resulting in a patient being harmed. In my sculpture, I have a papier-mache skull to show injury by mistakes, with pills pouring from the prescription bottles. Blue pills are the correct medication, with pink pills accidently mixed in showing the incorrect medication. Although that seems like a worrisome error, the main point in the project is to show what could have happened if an error on the clipboard was found by a nurse or doctor before a mistake was made. This could relate to the broader community because maybe some families have experienced such mistakes. The Medication Reconciliation form is an effective way to protect people from those mistakes.