Rose Proctor
Blue Ribbon

AwardBlue Ribbon

SchoolCuyahoga Valley Career Center

CityBrecksville, Ohio

TeacherMelissa Munro

InternSara Schirripa

MediumFlash Animation

The goal of my project was to visually portray the research of Sara Schirripa on the connection between diabetes and depression. I felt that I needed to bring out the feelings of stress that someone with diabetes might have if they had to live with the disease on a daily basis. Testing blood sugar and being strict about diet and exercise would get overwhelming, and I can understand why depression is so prevalent in patients suffering from diabetes. I made this video to give hope to those with the disease, and make them feel like they aren't alone. My video was created in Adobe Flash CS4 using images imported from Illustrator, and I imported the piano from Garageband because I feel that it brings out the emotion I intended to provoke with this project.