Rachel Green
Honorable Mention

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolNorth Ridgeville High School

CityNorth Ridgeville, Ohio

TeacherGeorgann Blair

InternFeyikemi Osundina

MediumMixed Media

My project expresses the difficultly that nurses face when trying to properly fill out a Medication Reconciliation form for each patient as best as possible. In the center, slightly obscured by the liquid medication, sits a lone nurse. With so many patients to interview and take care of, she is overwhelmed by the amount of falsely recorded medications and those left out. With only her clipboard to hold on to, she is powerless to the solid medication raining down on her and the liquid medication drowning her. The medication is meant to symbolize all the chaos that can be caused when a Med Rec form is not properly filled out for a patient. The project, Medication Reconciliation: Opportunities/Challenges, suggests an option of having pharmacists interview patients and fill out the forms in an attempt to reduce mistakes purposely and accidently made by busy nurses and sick patients. If hospitals make the proper changes and have pharmacists, instead of nurses, fill out the Med Rec forms with the patients, fewer errors will occur, creating healthier, better taken care of patients, who will, with any hope, get better.