Katie Seleman
Red Ribbon

AwardRed Ribbon

SchoolNordonia High School

CityMacedonia, Ohio

TeacherLisa Dressig

InternJennifer Perpar


Heart failure is a very serious condition, in which the heart cannot pump an adequate amount of blood throughout the body. Serious damage and conditions can be caused when a sufficient amount of oxygen-rich blood is not supplied to the areas of the body that require it. The partially decaying heart is to display the seriousness of this heart condition, and how, without treatment, it can result in major illness or even death. The bandages over the heart symbolize that the heart can be repaired and treated. Hypertrophy, which can be a result of heart failure, is an enlargement of the heart muscle and can stop the cardiovascular valves from allowing the blood to flow correctly. The enlargement is displayed on the painting by the wall between the ventricles being thickened and inflamed. The aorta artery carries away oxygenated  rich blood from the heart; this is displayed by the painting of the aorta with little oxygens flowing out and through the body. The superior vena cava brings deoxygenated blood to the heart so that the heart can renew the blood with oxygen and it can be used throughout the body all over again. Everyone should take many precautions and good care of their hearts because even a healthy looking heart can develop a problem.