Emily Witosky
White Ribbon

AwardWhite Ribbon

SchoolChardon High School

CityChardon, Ohio

TeacherChuck Zitko

InternAriel Furlow


Many people have found that religion can assist them through the most difficult situations. Ariel Furlow researched the importance of religion among minorities when faced with health difficulties. In my drawing, I have an African-American woman praying. I chose an African-American woman because Ariel found that African-Americans are the largest minority group in America and women have also, in the past, been viewed as a minority group. In order to show that she is in a hospital, I gave her an oxygen tube and an IV. She has a very peaceful expression on her face, showing that religion can keep someone, especially a minority, hopeful and calm during a stressful time. Simply having faith and believing can help minorities avoid depression and allow them to have a higher chance of recovering.