Emery Allen
Red Ribbon

AwardRed Ribbon

SchoolChardon High School

CityChardon, Ohio

TeacherChuck Zitko

InternAriel Furlow


Spiritual people always feel as if someone is watching over them, especially while they're sick. They pray to get healthier. I made an angel out of clay. Her arms have turned into wings and she has no face to convey the wide range of people and religions. She is blue because it's a symbol of spirituality. Her wings are made of wire, papier-mache, and feathers. They're big to symbolize her strength. The background I painted with oils. The black symbolizes fear, unhappiness, and death, and the purple symbolizes mourning and cruelty. It's as if she is breaking through the pain to help the person in need. She is standing on a platform with the words hope, forgiveness, and faith written on each side. Those are the three things that are holding the patients together. This is the patients' guardian angel.