Cassandra Lampe
Honorable Mention

AwardHonorable Mention

SchoolFirelands High School

CityOberlin, Ohio

TeacherLaura Tawil

InternAbhinay Ramachandran


The intention of my artwork is to express the terror of having a liver tumor. The giant monster in my painting represents the tumor, which when one finds out they have, they find terrifying. The syringe coming from the corner towards the frightening beast represents the Y-90 treatment used to help abolish the tumor. It is the heavenly color of gold because it shows, in metaphor, the great things that the treatment brings. You can see the golden substance coming from the syringe starting to eliminate the monster. I got this idea from thinking about how scared I would be if I found out there was a tumor in my liver. I thought about the people this happened to or is happening to, and I tried to feel their fright. When one looks at my work, they need to understand the metaphor of the beast shown, and how the treatment is to be seen as a glorious innovation. I hope my painting is enjoyed and transmits the passion that I put into it.